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October and Fall

by Kim D. It’s hard for me to determine which feels most like the true beginning of the year-January or September.  Anyone agree?  As the lazy summer days are winding down and kids are ready to hit the books again, I always feel a new surge of momentum going forward into the fall. There is […]


As the post summer real world whirlwind of life swirls about you, are you ready and organized? Pilots use checklists, as do many others. So here’s one to help you                get your health related concerns organized. Dentally related: Preventive Checkups, cancer screenings and cleanings for the family Regular […]


  The ubiquitous back-to-school advertisings are popping up with disturbing regularity. Night skies in August are filled with the Perseid celestial display. Days are getting shorter and the advent of Labour Day is near. Tax freedom day has past [and getting later and later every year]. Thanksgiving and Halloween are just around the corner; and […]

Canada Day 2016

 by Kathleen S. We’re 149 this year! It’s the perfect day to celebrate with fireworks and flag waving. Let’s be proud that we live in this blessed and bountiful country. We Canadians are known for friendliness, politeness and equanimity. But, our relatively young Nation has also made noteworthy contributions throughout our history.  To name a very […]

Wilderness Dentistry

  Summer beckons! Campers, hikers and woodsmen [woods people?] cease hibernating and venture out into the back country. Prudence recommends that anyone intending to spend any length of time removed from civilization has taken an appropriate first aid course and carries a purpose designed first aid kit. The Scout motto, “Be prepared!” extends to dealing with […]

Mother’s Day 2016 by Kathleen S.

“What do I give Mom?” Every year, we ask the question. With spring finally being here, flower varieties are blooming in radiant colours and delightful scents; so we automatically think of them as the quintessential gift. Typically Mom will get a bouquet and a card. How about stepping out of your comfort zone and give […]

April Dental Health Month 2016

http://www.youroralhealth.ca/member/images/BigBox_HTMLVersion.html April has been designated as Oral Health Month amongst other worthy causes. Much has been written about oral health in the past. So I do not wish to cover the same territory much better covered by others. The odds are you have heard it and seen it. Equally, like much that we are exposed […]

Hypnosis in Dentistry by Michael Wong

Doctor Filo has returned from the Gate Way of the American West, St Louis, and The Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver where he shared his expertise  of dental hypnosis at the respective conferences. When he told me that was the topic of his presentation I thought to myself, “what’s the difference between self- hypnosis and […]

Valentine’s 2016

Brethren!   Valentine’s Day is upon us …. again! Did you remember? Have you given it the appropriate solemnity we are told it deserves? Has it taken you by surprise like Christmas shopping? Are you confused by the kind of card you should get? Do you confuse roses for dandelions or burdock? Is shiny, sparkly bling […]

De-stressing Christmas

          By Kathleen S. The Christmas Spirit is in the air!  Everybody is busy with preparations for the big day.  It can get a bit stressful, so here are some tips to help relieve the   Christmas chaos. Make Use of Your Calendar List on your calendar when to buy presents and when […]