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“Tis the season….to be wary!

With the Christmas season approaching, Luke 2: 14 is the source of the oft heard phrase “…peace on earth and goodwill to men”. The actual text reads as, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace to men of good will”.

So why is a dentist quoting the Gospels and writing about goodwill? An elderly patient of ours was seen at the office. Afterwards she went to the supermarket. While standing in the checkout line she had her purse picked by what she described as an older fellow. The theft was not noticed until she got home, but the stolen items could have a hugely negative impact on her life.

This very lucid and aware geriatric was disturbed not only by the theft, but also by the fact that an older individual did this. Someone closer to her in age could not possibly sink so low. She admitted that a young person would have caused her to have her guard up – not someone nearer to her own demographic!

Unfortunately, this time of year is somewhat more attractive to those folks that prey on others. The very nature of the holiday entices one to be more open to others and we let our guard down. The hectic activity also assists us in doing things that help others prey upon us. Keep in mind that there is a substantial difference between “peace to men of goodwill” and “goodwill to men”.

Visit the Hamilton Police Service website link below for tips on safety and prevention.

Enjoy the Season; embody the sentiment, but be vigilant.

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