Previously in this series, we talked about how the health of your mouth is crucial to your overall health. We have been viewing things in general. Now we will look at the mouth’s relationship to specific diseases and health concerns.

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Lasers in Dentistry

Stars Wars dentistry is now! Dentists wield light sabers!

Without getting carried away, the future of dental care is truly available now.

Dentistry has been a little slow in catching up to medicine in the use of lasers, but that has more to do with the technology than the willingness to use them. Lasers are used in various capacities: diagnostics, curing resin filling material, soft tissue and hard tissue care.

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Ever wonder about your mouth?

The mouth. Your mouth. Have you ever wondered about it?

By that I mean have you ever considered just how important an organ it is? We tend to take most things for granted until there is a problem. This is normal. We would have quite the time of it if we had to be aware of everything so we are designed to pay attention only when there are issues.

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Dental Fear

Pssst!    Does your momma know you’re afraid of dentists? ????

It’s ok. She’s probably the one who taught it to you as a child. Dental fear can be learned by example, experienced or picked up from all of Aunt Minnie’s horror stories.

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April is Dental Health Month

Since April in Ontario is Dental Health month starting at the beginning is appropriate.

Expectant mothers receive lots of prenatal information, but may not receive current information about little people teeth and mouth care.

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Dental benefits and insurance is a topic that is sooo…dry that it makes the Sahara look lush. However, in light of the economic realities of today with shrinking benefit packages, it is important to consider a few things. The Ontario Dental Association website has a good synopsis about plans in general.

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Stress management

If the present global situation doesn’t stressyou out, then this blog is of little benefit to you. If you have found a stress management method that works, you should be selling it! ………I’ll buy!

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