The ubiquitouszeitgeist-378779__180 back-to-school advertisings are popping up with disturbing regularity. Night skies in August are filled with the Perseid celestial display. Days are getting shorter and the advent of Labour Day is near. Tax freedom day has past [and getting later and later every year]. Thanksgiving and Halloween are just around the corner; and at the date of writing, there are 135 days until Christmas.

These are some of the portents of the recurring cycles on the macro scale we live by – knowingly or not. On the micro scale, we have body cycles that regulate our rest and activity, metabolism and even our daily alertness. [Roughly every 90 minutes we have conscious downtime for a brief period.]

Have you ever wondered about the relationship of cycles to your health?

There are many health screening cycles. Some represent milestone achievements in our lives, while some are strictly lifestyle related. Some are gender specific – breast and cervical cancer screening and some are not – colorectal cancer screening and vaccination schedules to name a few.

Our mouths have similar cycles. Decay, cavities have a sine wave of peaks and valleys throughout our lives. This means there are periods of greater risk for decay like childhood and old age.

Gum disease may have periods of activity and quiescence. This is definitely related to our general state of health, stress levels, gender and lifestyle activities.

Oral cancer screening should be an annual activity, if not more frequently, depending on lifestyle – smoking, alcohol use and sexual activity.

If you or your children are involved in athletics, then an annual reevaluation of your athletic mouthguard should be part of your preventive cycle. No one wants concussions or fractured teeth.

Similarly, dentures and partial denture [like your car] need annual inspection and maintenance; implant supported dentures, crowns and bridges particularly need regular follow-up.  Implants may look like teeth and work like teeth, but they aren’t teeth.

Cycles rule us – some natural, some human inspired without which we would not be able to pass through life. Part of navigating our complex modern existence is the necessity of recognizing them and following through with those over which we have control.


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