De-stressing Christmas







By Kathleen S.

The Christmas Spirit is in the air!  Everybody is busy with preparations for the big day.  It can get a bit stressful, so here are some tips to help relieve the   Christmas chaos.

  • Make Use of Your Calendar

List on your calendar when to buy presents and when to put up Christmas decorations.  Jot down parties that you have to attend with the details for each.  This is especially helpful when you are the host of the party.  Put a ‘due date’ in your calendar to aim for when to prepare your home, get the groceries and other supplies.

  • Christmas Budget

Set a Christmas Budget.  Compare what you plan to spend this year to the amount you spent last year.  Decide what you want to cut back or splurge on.  Having said this, you should start saving at least half a year or more in advance.  Remember to stick to your budget!

  • Make a Gift List

Make lists, charts, tables, etc.  If you have plenty of gift recipients on your list, a chart of names and the item you intend to buy is very useful.  You can keep track of the items and check it off as you go.  This way, you can monitor your budget.  Also, wrap gifts as you buy them so it’s not too overwhelming for you to wrap everything all at once.

  • Plan Out Your Christmas Dinner

Plan a simple menu or even host a potluck dinner to ease the load in the kitchen.  If you’re having family and friends over, keep in touch on what they plan to bring.  Perhaps appoint others to bring the appetizers and dessert, while leaving the main dish for you.  Make sure to visit the grocery store beforehand because there’s nothing worse than running out of stock items.

To make your holiday run smoothly, keep things simple, therefore manageable.  It does not have to be perfect. The Spirit of Christmas is about family and close friends celebrating together.

From all of us here at Dentistry 870 have a Merry Christmas, Boldog Karácsony, Joyeux Noel, Maligayang Pasko, Feliz Navidad!



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