Helping Dental Anxiety at Dentistry 870

Dr. Gabor Filo may be able to help you overcome your dental anxiety

Dentistry or the thought of it makes some people anxious or extremely nervous. There are as many reasons for this as there are people with dental fears.

The reasons for the fear do not matter. If you are interested in taking control of your dental fears then we may be able to help.

Our approach is based on helping you control your fears. The best approach is custom tailored to your concerns. This may involve working together with other health care professionals.

We use medication free approaches that help you help yourself. But, if there is a pressing dental problem, we will arrange with you the quickest way to get you comfortable. Once comfortable, we can resume providing you with skills that overcome your anxiety and phobia for long term results.

The emphasis is on empowering you so that you are in charge – not your dental anxiety or your fears.


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