Hypnosis in Dentistry by Michael Wong

Vancouver convention Centre east

Vancouver convention Centre East

Doctor Filo has returned from the Gate Way of the American West, St Louis, and The Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver where he shared his expertise  of dental hypnosis at the respective conferences.

When he told me that was the topic of his presentation I thought to myself, “what’s the difference between self- hypnosis and regular hypnosis?” I recalled a time when my friends and I went to watch a stage hypnotist while we were in college.  “Was that self hypnosis?” I wondered?  So I decided to ask doctor Filo what the concept of self- hypnosis was.  He was very happy to explain this to me and he gave me a book to read that further explained what the benefits of self hypnosis are and why therapists teach self- hypnosis.

Self -hypnosis can be best described as a pleasant self induced day dreaming or meditative state, elicited by an induction cue or process that is taught to them. Self- hypnosis is most effective when the subject practices what they are taught over time, just like learning to ride a bike. The real power belongs to the patient because they are able to control their state whenever they need it. This is why clinicians teach self -hypnosis to patients.

There are many benefits’ to self -hypnosis such as

  • A refocusing tool to calm the body and mind,
  • Relaxation ,
  • Coping with difficult situations ,
  • Self – development,
  • portable and can be used at any time without the need for equipment,
  • Helps relieve nervousness and anxiety,
  • Is a perpetual, accessible life skill.

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