Mother’s Day 2016 by Kathleen S.

“What do I give Mom?”teddy-1338893__180

Every year, we ask the question. With spring finally being here, flower varieties are blooming in radiant colours and delightful scents; so we automatically think of them as the quintessential gift. Typically Mom will get a bouquet and a card. How about stepping out of your comfort zone and give her what she really wants? Doesn’t she deserve more?

Keeping up with our health in today’s day and age can be hard at best. We usually put health on the back burner. Parents are working during the day, and then at home. Kids are the first priority. Mothers’ schedules are always busy even on their “days off.” A day in the spa with the full package: massage, facial, mani and pedi would be much appreciated “me time”. She’ll feel refreshed and be a rejuvenated Mom.

Give her self esteem a boost with a new haircut and style from the salon. A new outfit to go along with her new ‘do’ will give her more self confidence. Whitening sessions will give Mom the gift of a radiant smile. [Our SpaDent works fast with less sensitivity and is affordable.] A whiter smile can make her feel younger and more vibrant.

Moms appreciate the time they have with their children. Carve out time from your busy work schedule to spend time with family. Why not ask Mom to go for a walk or jog in the park followed by a family picnic afterwards. Attending a cooking class together can also be a rewarding way to spend time with her. Or, you can just spend a good chunk of the day doing what she loves – did you ask her what that would be? Mom will cherish your effort of putting time aside for her for the day.

We love our Moms. They brought us into this world. Moms take the time to care for us no matter what our age. They sacrifice and put up with a lot. Give something special in return. It need not be something expensive or material. Time and consideration devoted to Mom will make it a day that Mom will always remember.

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