October and Fall

by Kim D.


It’s hard for me to determine which feels most like the true beginning of the year-January or September.  Anyone agree?  As the lazy summer days are winding down and kids are ready to hit the books again, I always feel a new surge of momentum going forward into the fall. There is a renewed enthusiasm for plans and goal development that got lost in the fray of the “go go go” summer months.

In autumn we get the best of both worlds-beautiful warm days and cool nights which bring relief to the air conditioning unit and hydro bill!   Football players prepare to dominate the field as husbands prepare to dominate the couch, and the smells of fall bring to mind:  Turkey and stuffing, pumpkin pie, and all kinds of chili’s, soups and stews.

There’s still a lot to do outdoors before the snow flies and hibernation begins.  You don’t need to look too far to find some entertainment.  Right here in in and around our City of Hamilton we can enjoy Oktoberfest at the German club, or inKitchener, Hamilton Music and Film Festival, Art Crawl Tour , Steel City Jazz festival, Apple-Lee Fun Weekends, Autumn Sundays and Thanksgiving. These  are held in October -see Tourism Hamilton for more.

Usually accompanying these celebrations is a good cold beer.  Believe it or not, light to moderate beer drinking can actually have beneficial effects!  Beer contains silicon and calcium, reinforcing bones, teeth, breze-1611750__180nails and hair.  Beer has antibacterial properties, assisting in controlling the number of harmful bacteria present in the mouth.  Tannins are “good acids” found in beer, which have similar properties to fluoride, reducing the ability of bacteria to stick to teeth.

Beer also aids in gastric acid production, promoting proper digestion, can help to decrease bad cholesterol, and increase good cholesterol.  Even if you prefer darker ales that can stain your teeth, it’s easy enough for your Dental Hygienist to brighten your smile with a 20 minute Spadent Whitening session.

So cheers to the benefits of beer, as we enjoy the fleeting warm days we have left this year and what our increasingly more vibrant city has to offer.


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