Welcome to Dentistry870
870 Upper James St. Hamilton

Are you looking for a dental home? Thanks for visiting, we appreciate it.

We offer complete family dentistry for all ages.

Do you dislike needles and the drill?

Our all tissue laser dentistry  can replace them most of the time.

Unhappy with your smile?

We offer cosmetic dentistry – smile makeovers and whitening.

Would you like to prevent problems rather than fix them?

We emphasize preventive dentistry.

Do you have dental fears?

We may be able to ease them by working with you using our medication free program to master your fears.  We also work with other health care professionals when needed to help empower you.

Do you have unique concerns for which unique help may be a benefit?

We offer dental and medical hypnosis as an aid to care.

Is your oral wellness and whole health important to you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions contact us or call (905) 667 – 8707.

We are always accepting new patients!