Toothpaste: How can we use thee, let us count the ways

Toothpaste doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. People generally use toothpaste to clean their teeth and as such, it is a highly engineered task specific oriented product.

The ingredients for all tooth paste contain three main ones: abrasives, fluoride, and detergents along with 20%–42% water. Specialized toothpastes also contain a variety of task specific components e.g. sensitivity or whitening. But, toothpaste can do so much more than being a mere dentifrice.

Here are some amazing tips on different uses for your toothpaste:

Polish your silverware.

Shine up your silverware and use it for your next family gathering. Just rub some toothpaste on each piece with soft cloth and your silverware will look like brand new again.

Clean your shoes.

Use toothpaste to get rid of stuck on dirt and get back the new look of your shoes.

Remove dye and ink stains.

Rub toothpaste on stains, let it dry and wash the item after.

Clean your headlights.

Instead of spending money on a car detailing kits, give your headlights a shine with toothpaste. You can even use the toothbrush to get into those tight corners!

Remove nail polish.

If you don’t have nail polish remover, put some toothpaste on your nails to remove the polish. Not only you will remove the polish, your fingers will smell great after.

Lifting water stains.

If your wooden table has water stains or marks, just rub the toothpaste on the stains. It will get rid of water stains and restore your table. Use a toothpaste paste that is not abrasive.

Soothe mosquito bites.

Rub some toothpaste on the bitten area and you will feel instant relief.

Clean your iron.

If your iron is leaving residue on your clothes, turn it off and let it cool down. Rub some toothpaste along the surface, wipe it off and continue ironing your clothes without streaks.

Freshen up your thermos.

Thermoses can get gross pretty fast. To get rid of that stinky smell, add some toothpaste and fill with water. Shake it, and then wash as normal. Your thermos will smell fresh and clean again.

Remove food odors.

If your hands smell of onion or fish after cooking, just dub some toothpaste on your hands, rub for few second and rinse well. Not only you will get rid of the smell, but your nails will look brighter.

Clean piano keys.

Old vintage piano keys are made from ivory (teeth) so toothpaste is the perfect solution to clean away the dirt. New piano keys are made of plastic but toothpaste cleans them equally well.

Defog bathroom mirrors.

Use a little toothpaste on wet cloth to wipe mirrors. Allow it to dry and wipe with a dry cloth.

Clean a curling iron or hair straightener.

Curling irons and hair straighteners tend to build up a gummy coating from hair products. Toothpaste will remove all that without damaging your appliance. Put some of toothpaste on a dry cloth and wipe away the buildup.

Remove crayon marks from walls.

If you have a budding Picasso in your house who likes to use walls as a canvas, here is a good tip on how to clean those walls afterwards. Apply a bit of toothpaste on a damp sponge and clean the marked areas. Finish by wiping down with a damp cloth and allow the area to dry.

As with all products being used for off label applications always do a test on the materials to see if there is going to be a problem. We offer this list for information only and do not recommend any of the applications. We do however, recommend toothpaste as a dentifrice as part of your daily wellness regimen.