April is Dental Health Month

Since April in Ontario is Dental Health month starting at the beginning is appropriate.

Expectant mothers receive lots of prenatal information, but may not receive current information about little people teeth and mouth care.

Current recommendations by the Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggest that children have a dental home by the age of one year. Early visits also allow the monitoring of infants’ growth and development.

The American Academy  has a check list for parents to help organize all the things a newborn needs for lifelong oral health.

This is recommended to prevent early childhood caries which globally is a rampant, serious health problem. Decay is an infection caused by bacteria that infants acquire from those around them.

For informative podcasts follow this link.

The American Academy also has a FAQ section which covers most of the questions and problems parents encounter.

To amuse and educate your children about their teeth the Ontario Dental Association has a Kid’s Zone game filled interactive website.  You may enjoy it with them!

Remember Oral wellness, Whole Health for your lifetime!

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