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Summer’s here. That means outdoor activities. When exercising and participating in sports a warm up is a good idea, so it is with outdoor summer activities if we want to avoid injury or worse. Forbes magazine concluded that more injuries occur during summer and especially with mundane activities. Stats Canada found that the most injury prone […]

Travel, Technology and Healthcare

Recently I had the privilege of speaking at the Hypnosis: New Generation conference in Budapest. We took some extra time and went to Vienna for a few days. Unfortunately one of our party became seriously ill requiring medical attention. This is when the challenges of travel in a foreign country become daunting. Healthcare here at […]

Victoria Day – Victorian Dentistry

Victoria Day, 24- weekend is the second most notable event next to Mother’s Day celebrated  in May. So in the interest of the Queen’s birthday, we thought it would be interesting to compare Victorian dentistry to today. Victoria reigned from 1837 – 1901. Not too many people like to visit the dentist, but back then […]

Hypnosis: A Life Skill

Recently, I returned from the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis in San Antonio where I had the pleasure of presenting to a multidisciplinary group. Most folks have one of several possible responses to clinical hypnosis – disbelief, skepticism, bemusement (as in they had an experience in Vegas or a frat party) […]

Alcohol & Your Mouth

March is known for many things – the Ides, the spring Equinox, but the most remarkable is St. Patrick’s Day. And St. Patrick’s Day is known for its green beer! A little tipple may be good for you, but what about a lot? The usual risks of cognitive impairment, addiction, and cirrhosis are fairly well […]

Pet’s Dental Health Month

It should be no surprise that February is Pet Dental Health Month. After all, it has the Groundhog prognosticating about seasons and climate. Groundhogs hibernate and likely have morning breath when they stick their heads out of their dens looking for shadows and such. Does your pet’s breathe smell badly? Is your pet chewing slowly; […]


How many of Your New Year’s resolutions  have already lapsed, or been missed, forgotten or just plain ignored thinking you’ll start tomorrow…? Stressed or depressed by this yet? So, maybe this year to stay healthy go without resolutions and stick to the things your mama likely told you. Eat healthy. Eating a healthy diet doesn’t […]

Season’s Greetings! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidaaaays… What if it isn’t Happy or Merry?  What if this is one of the most stressful, if not the most stressful period of the year? If you are feeling anxious, lonely or overwhelmed; you have mental health concerns or are grieving, what do you do at this time of […]

Tips for Treats

Halloween is all about tricks and treats. The trick for parents is how to keep their kids healthy and safe. Considerations should include the type of costume, treat collecting route, and of course the weather. For kids Halloween means bags of free goodies. For parents it present challenges when it comes to the collected hoard […]