Dental benefits and insurance is a topic that is sooo…dry that it makes the Sahara look lush. However, in light of the economic realities of today with shrinking benefit packages, it is important to consider a few things. The Ontario Dental Association website has a good synopsis about plans in general.

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Stress management

If the present global situation doesn’t stressyou out, then this blog is of little benefit to you. If you have found a stress management method that works, you should be selling it! ………I’ll buy!

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February ( Saints )

The dreariest month of the winter season plays host to adorable furry ground hogs and predictions of spring. However, it is most notable for St. Valentine’s Day.

Intriguingly, there were 14 Saints Valentine. Perhaps that is why the 14th was chosen as the feast day. Which saint is associated with hearts, chocolates and greeting cards is not known.

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