Remembrance Day



 Mindig igy volt e világi élet,                                                  Worldly life has always been thus,           
  Egyszer fázott, másszor lánggal égett;                               Once cold; aflame the next… *      

                                                                                                                  Vörösmarty Mihály “The Old Gypsy” 1854
The Great War started 101 years past; The Second World War 76 years ago.

We have been bereft of peace for more than a century. Rarely, in human history, has there been global calm of significance.

The First War was the war to end all wars, yet….the World is aflame, as the poem’s couplet laments.

Thus, we Remember.

We Remember that our relative oasis of tranquility was hard won, dearly bought and is not without substantial cost to maintain.

Remembrance is not a choice. It is an obligation. It is a responsibility.  It is the least that we can offer.

Remembrance engenders contemplation. Contemplation should compel us to evolve beyond stoking the flames of conflict and chaos  . Perhaps we may yet have a life in a temperate world.

Lest we forget.


                                                                                                            * Author’s translation


October Festivities

by Kathleen S.

October is the month of harvest and thanksgiving where foliage turns into coulours of orange, yellow, and red.  It is a month of bounty and rightfully ought to be celebrated.  Around the world, this month is significant for festivities.  Some of the most popular ones are Oktoberfest, Diwali, and of course, Thanksgiving.  Being a melting pot of various cultures, we get to witness and participate these such events.

beer2       Oktoberfest traditionally takes place in Munich, Germany.  It is originally celebrated to            commemorate Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen’s marriage.          The festival runs from late September to early October.  It is considered as one of the most famous and the largest fair in the world.  Participants of the event consume huge amounts of food, a variety of meats, bread and potatoes.  What is Oktoberfest without beer?  The preferred beer to be served at the event is the amber-red lager but more recently they also serve pale lager.


Another major event that happens within this month is Diwali.  Also known as   festival of lights, it is one of major festivals in Indian culture.  It falls between     mid – October to mid- November, millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains celebrate  this festival.

Diwali falls on the Hindu New Year that celebrates the triumph of good       over evil and light over darkness.  Hindus around the world light candles,           sparklers and set off huge fireworks displays.  They decorate their houses with colourful artworks, and     patterns on the floor using coloured powder or rice.  Traditionally families exchange gifts and enjoy           Indian sweets in a range of colours and flavour.MB900384740

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Families gather around the table where stuffing and turkey dinner is served then finished with Mom’s or Grandma’s fresh baked pumpkin pie.  It is the time to spend with loved ones and be thankful for what the year has offered.  We don’t count the calories on this day, but count our blessings and are thankful for them.

However one celebrates this month, scrumptious food is always involved.  Keep in mind your oral health.  Whether you’ll be consuming beer [drink responsibly] or gorging on apple pies, starch and sugar can get trapped between teeth. A good swish of water after meals will help cleanse the mouth.  And before bedtime, continue with your regular oral hygiene regime.

This season is humbling.  We get to share what we have with loved ones, no matter how one celebrates it.


Fall Fairs, Harvest, and Thanksgiving

By Kimberly D.

It’s sad to see the summer go. 1024px-Fagus_sylvatica_Purpurea_JPG4a

Time to close the pool….

Earlier bedtimes, with the kids protesting, “but the sun ‘s still up!”

Packing multiple lunches the night before is not a task I missed,but….

One item I like to include is a piece of good cheese.  After nutrition breaks kids can’t brush while at school. Mouth bacteria produce harmful acids following a meal that cause cavities.  A piece of good real cheese eaten with a meal helps to neutralize acid in the mouth.

We are enjoying an Indian Summer. A new decoration of gold and crimson leaves line the streets.  You really don’t have to travel too far to find a delightful fall fair or festival to entertain you most weekends.

I love a Pogo Dog at the fair, fresh pumpkin pie, and I’m sure kids are already dreaming of their Halloween loot as the night looms right around the corner.  Stores are already filling up with quite a variety of costumes.

In the excitement of the season remember to limit snacking between meals.  Even those with the most excellent home care habits can end up with tooth decay from frequent snacking.  Remember the acid producing mouth bacteria – not allowing the mouth time for the acid to balance back to neutral means a constant acid attack on teeth in spite of perfect brushing and flossing.

My husband celebrates the football season; I complain as this signal is the end of Husband Season! It’s a given that Thanksgiving Dinner is hosted at my house.   I love the smell of that turkey in the oven, and more than that, I love the deliberate remembrance of being thankful for all the blessings in our lives.  We should get into the habit of carrying that around with us all year long.  Just turn on the news to remind yourself how lucky we are to be in Canada.

So enjoy the rest of the warm days and cool nights.

Have another piece of pie (with cheese), and may God keep our land glorious and free.

Dental Emergencies

by Kathleen

Warm weather is upon us.  This means majority of us will spend summer outdoors.  Especially the kids being out of school, parents are busy keeping the young ones occupied with activities.

No matter what kind of activity one will enjoy this season, safety is always priority.  Accidents happen and the following are some tips on how to handle dental emergencies:

Soft Tissue Injury

This includes cuts or lacerations on the gums, lips, tongue and cheek.  The mouth should be rinsed with warm water.  In the event that bleeding is present put gauze on the area and keep pressure.  This should minimize bleeding.  However the patient may be taken to the hospital emergency or dentist to get necessary treatment.

Fractured Tooth

In the event of a fractured tooth, rinse the mouth with warm water.  Apply a cold compress on the area and take ibuprofen for pain.  Call your dentist to get the tooth seen as soon as possible.

A minor chip of the enamel surface of the tooth may be smoothed by your dentist as the only treatment. If it is an aesthetic concern, it may need more definitive care.

Moderate fractures involve enamel, dentin and pulpal trauma. The pulp may or may not be exposed. Without a pulp exposure, a filling may be all that is necessary.  However, traumatized pulp may need more involved care in the future (root canal therapy and a crown) depending on the ability of the pulp to recover.

When the tooth is severely traumatized- fractured root and supporting bone, it is a severe fracture. The tooth in all likelihood can’t be saved and more involved care over a longer period of time may be needed.

Loosened Tooth

If the tooth is pushed out of position, apply gentle finger pressure (never use force!) to put it back into place.  Close down to keep the tooth in place then call your dentist for an emergency appointment.

Knocked Out Tooth

In this situation, call your dentist for an emergency appointment.  It is best to see your dentist within the hour of when the tooth is knocked out.  It will have the best chance of reattachment to its socket.  In the meantime, the knocked out tooth should be kept moist.  Handle the tooth by the crown part, removing any debris with cool water (never scrub the tooth).  Once the tooth is clean, you can place it inside the mouth between the gum and the cheek.  Or you can wrap the tooth in clean gauze and immerse it in milk.

Most of these injuries can be avoided by wearing a sports mouth guard custom made to your teeth.  If you can’t get a custom made one, then at minimum a store bought off the shelf boill and bite one is better than not having one.  It is highly recommended during recreational activities (any kind of sports, biking, etc).

While we’re on the subject of being careful, be careful with what you eat and put in your mouth. Listen to Mom! Keep the things she always told you to keep out of your mouth- pens, pencils, bobby pins, fork tines and the like that can also minimize the risk of dental trauma.

Enjoy the summer and remember Oral wellness, whole health!

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