Bruxism & Stress Management Help


Stress is harmful.
You know this….it’s getting worse day by day. You are not immune. So what are you going to do?

Dentally it may be experienced as grinding or clenching, known as bruxing or bruxism. When stressed you may grind and clench during the day or the night. It is detrimental to your teeth. Not only can this lead to painful teeth and tooth wear – which is both unaesthetic and disfiguring, but it has been linked to TMD, that is, temporomandibular disorders or as it’s known colloquially as TMJ.

The exact cause is usually unknown and may be difficult to diagnose. For some it is related to sleep disorders including the potentially very harmful sleep apnea. For others it may be related to more complex medical issues.
Stress may alone be the cause or it may set off bruxing in cycles related to the amount of stress being experienced.

Stress, especially if it is chronic, can be as damaging to our whole health as bruxing is to our teeth.

A stress management program consists of many components, possibly including a team of health care professionals to help you and as such there is no magic pill to make it better. Mediation and self-hypnosis can be foundation stones along with good nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep.

If you are stress bruxer; if you have no other underlying causes for bruxing, would you like to learn self-hypnosis for managing your stress? We offer training to members of our dental family and non-patients alike. Contact us for an appointment: or call 905 667 8707.

Further information on Hypnosis:

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