Canada Day 2016

canada-day-614290__180 by Kathleen S.

We’re 149 this year!

It’s the perfect day to celebrate with fireworks and flag waving.

Let’s be proud that we live in this blessed and bountiful country.

We Canadians are known for friendliness, politeness and equanimity. But, our relatively young Nation has also made noteworthy contributions throughout our history.  To name a very few:

  • The first practical electron microscope was developed by Canadian-born physicist James Hillier with his advisor physicist Eli F. Burton and fellow graduate Albert Prebus at the University of Toronto in 1937 (Los Angeles Times)
  • Helmut Lucas created the mechanical prosthetic hand in 1971. A major improvement in prosthetics, helping the physically disabled live normally (Weebly)
  • Nobel Prize winner Sir Frederick Grant Banting discovered insulin as a treatment therapy for diabetes mellitus in the 1920’s (Historica Canada)
  • In November 13, 1981 the Canadarm launched in space which is Canada’s greatest technological contribution (Canada Space Agency)
  • The Royal Canadian Dental Corps provided dental treatment since the Boer War from 1899-1902. Ever since, the Dental Corps assisted in World War I and World War II, the Korean War, the Gulf War, and War in Afghanistan.  RCDC also assisted in disaster stricken countries like Haiti in the recent years (Canadian Dental Association)

There are other great inventions and inventors in our midst both in the past and now.  Our contributions have shaped improvements in healthcare, technology and overall life.

So this Canada Day let the maple syrup flow, let us celebrate!

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