As the post summer real world whirlwind of life swirls about you, are you ready and organized?yes-1015483__180

Pilots use checklists, as do many others. So here’s one to help you                get your health related concerns organized.

Dentally related:

  • Preventive Checkups, cancer screenings and cleanings for the family
  • Regular periodontal maintenance appointments
  • Athletic mouth guards for sports –new or condition evaluation of old ones
  • Annual condition review of bruxism mouth guard
  • Fissure sealants for the children as teeth grow into the mouth
  • Fluoride treatments for the children
  • Orthodontics appointments
  • Annual condition review of oral sleep apnea appliance
  • Annual denture checkup and oral examination for cancer and other diseases
  • Updated any changes to your dental insurance coverage with your dental home

Medically related:

  • Annual physical and blood work if appropriate
  • Vaccinations –age appropriate and seasonal e.g. influenza
  • Travel vaccinations if going to disease prevalent areas (includes some of the sunny vacation spots)
  • Cancer screenings for men and women
  • Ongoing care and tests for chronic diseases e.g. diabetes

You may also have regular care from allied health care providers such as massage therapists and chiropractors to name a few. Are those organized?

We could belabour the list, but You know what you have to do.                         yes-238375__180  Hopefully this makes it a easier to navigate your through                                     the whirlwind.

Remember Oral wellness, Whole health starts now.



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