European Hypnosis Meeting in Manchester

Recently I had the pleasure of presenting at the triennial meeting of the European Society of Hypnosis (ESH) in Manchester and subsequently workshop in Glasgow. The ESH meeting was multidisciplinary with participants from around the globe and the Glaswegian was exclusively for dentists.

The underlying premise that drives these meetings is the fact that we are not mind and body, but mind-body where to be truly healthy we must be mens sana in corpore sano. The old Latin phrase means a healthy mind in a healthy body. Today, this is harder to achieve that before – the global uncertainties whether climate related, geopolitical or economic, impact us negatively making it hard to thrive.

For anyone that wishes more information give us a call 905-667-8707 or send us an email

While in the UK we had the opportunity to see the Canadian invasion – the first Tim Hortons in Europe. It was opened near the Glasgow train station. Five more are to follow soon.


A little touch of home where they had posters of the first Tim’s in Hamilton.
The following are some of our nearly 1000 pictures of the adventure. Enjoy.

Old Manchester Town Center

Manchester Museum of Industry -Avro Plane

Cila Black Statue in front of the Cavern Club for Beatles fans

Glasgow Cathedral

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