Ever wonder about your mouth?

The mouth. Your mouth. Have you ever wondered about it?

By that I mean have you ever considered just how important an organ it is? We tend to take most things for granted until there is a problem. This is normal. We would have quite the time of it if we had to be aware of everything so we are designed to pay attention only when there are issues.

On the other hand, we have evolved to be proactive and prevent problems. More often than not, the mouth is left out, forgotten and ignored. Perhaps we should be more diligent.


Briefly, the functions of the mouth throughout life are multiple and intimately involved in all aspects of our existence.

eatThe most obvious function is nourishment. Everything we eat and drink passes by the lips. Without this portal we would be incapable of survival. Change, damage, or a disease may affect any component of the oral cavity compromising and endangering our lives. We are somewhat aware of this mouth function many times a day, but only minimally, since it is the hunger pang that is being sated.


From birth, it becomes our organ of communicating with the external world. We cry, there is a response. Nature ensures all of our needs are met by this method of training our parents and those around us.eat2

As we grow it becomes the organ of exploration. It could be said that in the first two years of an infant’s life, their entire world is covered in their saliva. By placing things in the mouth we embark on a lifelong form of self- pacification and gratification.

Freud considered this the first stage of development.

eat3The mouth will be our primary form of communicating with others for the remainder of our lives. This happens not just by our talking, but also by the facial expressions we make with the mouth.

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