Fall Fairs, Harvest, and Thanksgiving

By Kimberly D.

It’s sad to see the summer go. 1024px-Fagus_sylvatica_Purpurea_JPG4a

Time to close the pool….

Earlier bedtimes, with the kids protesting, “but the sun ‘s still up!”

Packing multiple lunches the night before is not a task I missed,but….

One item I like to include is a piece of good cheese.  After nutrition breaks kids can’t brush while at school. Mouth bacteria produce harmful acids following a meal that cause cavities.  A piece of good real cheese eaten with a meal helps to neutralize acid in the mouth.

We are enjoying an Indian Summer. A new decoration of gold and crimson leaves line the streets.  You really don’t have to travel too far to find a delightful fall fair or festival to entertain you most weekends.

I love a Pogo Dog at the fair, fresh pumpkin pie, and I’m sure kids are already dreaming of their Halloween loot as the night looms right around the corner.  Stores are already filling up with quite a variety of costumes.

In the excitement of the season remember to limit snacking between meals.  Even those with the most excellent home care habits can end up with tooth decay from frequent snacking.  Remember the acid producing mouth bacteria – not allowing the mouth time for the acid to balance back to neutral means a constant acid attack on teeth in spite of perfect brushing and flossing.

My husband celebrates the football season; I complain as this signal is the end of Husband Season! It’s a given that Thanksgiving Dinner is hosted at my house.   I love the smell of that turkey in the oven, and more than that, I love the deliberate remembrance of being thankful for all the blessings in our lives.  We should get into the habit of carrying that around with us all year long.  Just turn on the news to remind yourself how lucky we are to be in Canada.

So enjoy the rest of the warm days and cool nights.

Have another piece of pie (with cheese), and may God keep our land glorious and free.

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