Halloween Treats

It’s that time of year again where kids gather with their handmade or store-bought costumes. Neighbors are scrambling for last minute treats to be given away. Every street will be busy with little pumpkins and witches with broomsticks this Halloween.

Whether one will be walking or driving with their little trick or treaters, safety must be practiced at all times. Always look both ways when crossing the street. Drivers should be cautious and aware of youngsters running on sidewalks.

When your little princesses and superheroes come home, it is best for parents to check treat bags. Make sure that it’s only goodies that are in the bag. Of course, the little ones can’t wait to get their hands on the chocolate, lollipops – sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar! There is nothing wrong with enjoying such treats. However, moderation in consumption would be the best for your kiddies. Having them eat their treats during meal time would minimize sugar lingering in their teeth. Sugar (especially caramels and toffee) feeds the plaque bacteria and makes the mouth an acidic environment leading to cavities.

If the young ones can’t help to slip a candy or two in between meals, parents make sure they drink water or swish water in their mouth after they consume the wrapped delights. Most certainly, brushing and flossing with the parent’s supervision would be the best preventive approach for cavities. Here’s how to encourage your child to brush: Make Brushing Fun (Aquafresh)

Halloween is a great time to spend with the kids and enjoy the treats. Be safe and happy trick or treating!

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