It’s that time of year again where kids gather with their handmade or store-bought costumes. Neighbors are scrambling for last minute treats to be given away. Every street will be busy with little pumpkins and witches with broomsticks this Halloween.

We will give you some safety tips so that you can all enjoy the tricks and the treats that accompany one of our most-anticipated festivals.

  1. According to Safe Kids Canada, children under the age of 9 are not developmentally capable of crossing streets safely on their own? If your little one falls in this age group, be sure that they go out with someone you trust or a responsible older child.
  2. Teach your child to stop at the curb, look left, right and left again, and to listen for oncoming traffic. This vital skill is especially important when children are distracted and excited. Halloween face masks may impede their ability to see and hear traffic. Never rely on traffic signals alone – use your eyes and ears to make sure it’s safe to cross.
  3. Stay on the sidewalk or path when walking from house to house and if there is no sidewalk, walk beside the road, facing traffic so drivers can see you. From a very young age, children can be taught that roads are for cars and sidewalks are for kids. If your community has no sidewalks, walking beside the road at night can be very dangerous – adult accompaniment, reflective clothing or tape on the clothes and flashlights are a must, regardless of the child’s age.
  4. Maybe you should consider face paint instead of mask. You may need a little extra time to get ready, but masks can be a visual impairment. Bright colors will make your child more visible so, be sure to incorporate those into the costume or face paint. If the clothes need to be dark, add some reflector tape at various points around the back and sides of the costume.
  5. Set rules around candy consumption: Do not eat while you’re out trick or treating. First, it’s difficult to inspect the candy properly in the dark and also, you don’t need your children hyped up on sugar on a night that has already got them excited!

The preceding is a small overview for health and safety while having fun. If you want a more complete tip sheet see Caring for Kids, or the Red Cross and Health-Canada.

Halloween is a great time to spend with the kids and to enjoy the treats. Be safe and happy trick or treating!


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