When one or more teeth are missing, there are a number of ways to replace them. Implants are the closest to nature. They replace the missing roots that support artificial teeth.

Implants are made from surgical grade titanium which is well tolerated by the body. They are inserted into the bone which grows solidly up against it (osseointegration).

Several things need to be considered when considering implants: your general health, medications, the health of your gums and bone structure to name a few.

The process may take several months from start to finish depending on individual differences and the complexity of the replacements.

Once osseointegration as taken place, the dental replacements – crowns, bridges or denture attachments, are custom made by the lab.

After being inserted into the mouth, several follow-up visits are required to make sure everything is working correctly. Regular checkups are needed because implants look like teeth, work like teeth, but are not real teeth.