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ISDAM Congress Glasgow 2019August 22 and 23rd the ISDAM had its first formal congress in Glasgow Scotland. Not only was it truly informative and covered a broad spectrum of current management techniques, but also those being developing for the future.

I had the pleasure and distinction of being one of the presenters at the Congress – my areas of concern were lasers in dentistry and hypnosis.

On Saturday I supervised a hands-on laser workshop for 14 delegates of mixed dental backgrounds i.e. dental specialists, dentists, therapists, hygienists and assistants. The aim was to help those with an existing laser to use it better and for those who would like one to understand its value in practice. Lasers are ideal instruments for the dentally fearful, anxious, and phobic.  It is wonderful for those that fear needles and drills and for those with complex medical concerns that may make the use of anesthetic and other medications a concern.

At the congress interesting facts were also gleaned, for instance cannabidiol (the non-high causing chemical component of cannabis) is classified as a food or nutritional product and as such unregulated in the UK. Research is showing that it has many medical applications. Time and research will tell how broad an application it will have. As all things, it is not a miracle cure for everything, but used in a well considered manner, it may have many good uses as the primary treatment or as an adjunct in a care plan.

Also present at the congress were representatives of the web site Dental Fear Central. The page is based in the UK which seems to have a higher percentage of resources for dental fear, anxiety and phobia. This however does not imply that they have more phobics than anywhere else; rather they seem to have created the most lay person resources. These sites are particularly good for the do-it-yourself-er as they are resource rich.

If you need more information for yourself or someone else, check out ISDAM, Dental Fear Central or contact us.

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