Lest We Forget

“Lest We Forget”

I00 years have passed since the start of the First World War; 96 since it ended. Much has happened since then and sadly, the one constant is the need for a military. Whether large or small in number, they are indispensible.

We usually show our appreciation once a year on a designated day- here in Canada it is the 11th of November, Armistice Day. Of late, global events have elicited displays of appreciation for our fallen military whether in action or by callus acts of terror on home soil.

On the day of remembrance and now more frequently, usually the front line warrior is upper most in mind. The spontaneous outpouring of sympathy along the Highway of Heroes embodies this. This is as it should be.

Yet, there are many in our armed forces that are crucial to the success of our forces. The support and service contingents are rarely singled out. I would like to shine a light on the Royal Canadian Dental Corps. The Corps is celebrating their centennial. They came into being through General Order No 98, dated 2 July 1904, with establishment of 18 Dental Surgeons in the Army Medical Corps. The impetus for this was the Canadian Dental Association reacting to the Boer War involvement of the Canadian Forces.

Since their inception, they have served everywhere that Canadian Forces have been called to serve at home and abroad.


Let us remember; give thanks to the living and honour the fallen.

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