October Festivities

by Kathleen S.

October is the month of harvest and thanksgiving where foliage turns into coulours of orange, yellow, and red.  It is a month of bounty and rightfully ought to be celebrated.  Around the world, this month is significant for festivities.  Some of the most popular ones are Oktoberfest, Diwali, and of course, Thanksgiving.  Being a melting pot of various cultures, we get to witness and participate these such events.

beer2       Oktoberfest traditionally takes place in Munich, Germany.  It is originally celebrated to            commemorate Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen’s marriage.          The festival runs from late September to early October.  It is considered as one of the most famous and the largest fair in the world.  Participants of the event consume huge amounts of food, a variety of meats, bread and potatoes.  What is Oktoberfest without beer?  The preferred beer to be served at the event is the amber-red lager but more recently they also serve pale lager.


Another major event that happens within this month is Diwali.  Also known as   festival of lights, it is one of major festivals in Indian culture.  It falls between     mid – October to mid- November, millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains celebrate  this festival.

Diwali falls on the Hindu New Year that celebrates the triumph of good       over evil and light over darkness.  Hindus around the world light candles,           sparklers and set off huge fireworks displays.  They decorate their houses with colourful artworks, and     patterns on the floor using coloured powder or rice.  Traditionally families exchange gifts and enjoy           Indian sweets in a range of colours and flavour.MB900384740

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Families gather around the table where stuffing and turkey dinner is served then finished with Mom’s or Grandma’s fresh baked pumpkin pie.  It is the time to spend with loved ones and be thankful for what the year has offered.  We don’t count the calories on this day, but count our blessings and are thankful for them.

However one celebrates this month, scrumptious food is always involved.  Keep in mind your oral health.  Whether you’ll be consuming beer [drink responsibly] or gorging on apple pies, starch and sugar can get trapped between teeth. A good swish of water after meals will help cleanse the mouth.  And before bedtime, continue with your regular oral hygiene regime.

This season is humbling.  We get to share what we have with loved ones, no matter how one celebrates it.