Summer’s here. That means outdoor activities. When exercising and participating in sports a warm up is a good idea, so it is with outdoor summer activities if we want to avoid injury or worse. Forbes magazine concluded that more injuries occur during summer and especially with mundane activities. Stats Canada found that the most injury prone group was between 20-64 years of age and you guessed it they were also males. Other agencies and groups offer similar findings – it appears that during summer activities we abandon our common sense and caution. Maybe it’s the sunlight and warmth after shivering in the dark for so long each year. Anyway, being prepared is the key to prevention.

The following links offer advice, tips and further resources to safely enjoy summer after our  winters hibernation.


General summer outdoor safety tips

Canadian boating safety and requirements



Staying safe camping and hiking

Ontario Parks

Family camping tips


Gear Checklists for camping

Checklist for learning to camp




Oral Wellness, Whole Health…you don’t want dental problems during your summer activities. Enjoy the sun!



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