Summer’s almost here

By Kristi L.

Schools out’s for summer!” … Well almost.

Parents are scrambling to find a pass time for the kids while they are at work.

Camp is the first thing that comes to sport-310484_960_720mind.  Whether it is a day camp, overnight camp, or enjoying the great outdoors with the family, the camp sites are a buzzing. (FYI, there is not one available camp site from Bing park to the Pinnery for the 150th Canada day long weekend.)

As the coolers get packed with provisions and the backpacks are filled with 100’s of useful things, let’s not forget the Swiss army knife of personal items – floss!

Yeah, you thought we were going to talk about oral hygiene….not. Floss has a myriad of uses. It’s very versatile and should be in everyone’s kit bag. Some thoughts-

Par Exemplum:

  • Use floss to lash sticks and branches together for an impromptu shelter.
  • Use floss wherever rope or string is needed for lashings. You’ve got braid  strands together.
  • Tie down a tent or tarp with dental floss.
  • Use un-waxed for a shoe string.
  • Use it to fix the broken mesh window on a tent.
  • Dental floss can be used to create a quick clothes line.
  • If you don’t have a fishing pole, you can make a quick one out of a branch, a safety pin and floss; even make a net for your catch of the day.
  • By braiding several strands together it could be used for a replacement string on a bow.
  • Everyone has that one family or friend who thinks he is Jimmy Page, strumming the guitar but when that string breaks look to un-waxed floss for replacement.
  • Since waxed dental floss burns easily, use it to get a fire going.
  • In a pinch un-waxed floss and a sterile needle can stitch a wound until you reach an emergency room – of course you have to have some idea of what you’re doing.
  • Use floss to cut or slice softer foods like cheese.
  • It can be used in snares.
  • Use your ingenuity…

Weighing less than half an ounce, campers can easily stash both waxed and un-waxed floss in their backpack without a problem.  So make the Tooth Fairy and Bear Gryllis proud, pack it in your camping kit for your next trip to the wilderness.

Oh, and by the way you don’t have to floss your teeth, just the ones you want to keep!



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