Technology and Health

A kerosene lamp with light bulb atop resting by a book with a usb memory stick and a tablet. by Kathleen S. CDA

Today’s generation of technology – smart phones, tablets, advanced operating systems and such like-impacts our lives every day.  From the moment we wake up in the morning to have a single serve brewed coffee in seconds, to the moment one goes to bed and reads a book on an E-reader.  Technology is everywhere and it’s evolving daily to make life simple.

As a people watcher observing people’s daily routines, I can say that gadgets play an enormous role.  Students use their laptop computers more than writing down notes in notebooks.  Children and toddlers are exposed and kept amused by games downloaded onto tablets and phones.  Seniors are learning and updating to the lifestyle technology gives us.

There are advantages to technology for our lifestyles.  The medic alert buttons and sensors are invaluable in emergencies. Paramedics can directly link to one’s health information to render urgent care.   The On Star buttons installed in vehicles can request and receive direct help while the GPS directs us to our destinations in unfamiliar places.

Medical and dental technologies have come a long way.  Anyone remember the belt driven foot treadle drill?  These advanced devices are meant to be more efficient, accurate and comfortable for patients. Digital x-rays and the  numerous other diagnostic imaging methods, laser cavity detectors, hot and cold lasers for treatment, bonding,  bonded porcelain for smile makeovers, whitening,  titanium  implant supported teeth, artificial joints  and prostheses to name a few.

The coupling of computers, radio (Wi-Fi) and the internet has opened up possibilities undreamt of in years past. Type a question and receive an answer anywhere in the world there is an accesible signal. Not only recive an answer, but hundreds including handy You Tube videos to boot!

No matter what field you’re in, technology offers blessings.  This is especially true in health care.  Coins are two sided; blessings also have curses. When we take these wonderful advancements forgranted  or mindlessly, we open ourselves up to the curses. Thus, it’s important that we use our technologies intelligently.   The boon to our health and well being is incalculable!

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