Valentine’s Day 2017


Valentine’s Day is back!

Are you ready? Do you have plans?
Well if you are like most of us (men that is) the answer is no. So, here’s a last minute check list to help organize and avoid the dog house.

 Significant other

 Have they dropped hints about the Day?heart-1576516__340
 Stuff that they want to do or expect?

 Celebrationsfrogs-1175802__340
 Night out planned
 Dinner reservations
 Try your luck
 entertainment


Night in
 Mealfrog-927769__340
 Libations

 entertainment

 Card &gift selected and purchased

 Flowersi-beg-your-pardon-927750__180
 Bouquet personally hand delivered
 Florist delivery
• To home
• To work
• Other location?

 Chocolates or other sweets
 Box(es)

 Something more?lips-33105__340
 With sparkles maybe
 practical

 Bright White kissable Smile

 Photos



Happy Valentine’s Day!

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