Resilience and Tenacity in the Time of COVID

The other night these two kits decided to assail my home. Generally we are pleased to see the wild critters that visit out yard – after all we moved into their neighbourhood, but…They’ve been leaving unsolicited gifts at my back door so they are unwelcome intruders.

We made noise; we banged on the door; we tried a broom. They growled, we growled, but they would not leave until they were good and ready. If we needed a demonstration of tenacity, then these two are it. They had a goal, they had a plan, and they were going to accomplish it.

As urban –woodland denizens they are also resilient. They have adapted to living in a hybrid environment and have become very savvy about not only how to exist, but thrive. Adverse conditions, the unknown does not seem to concern them in the least. Rather they seem to see an opportunity.

We should take a lesson from them in our current COVID caused circumstances. We need to be tenacious – there are opportunities, there will be a return to life as we knew it and we must have a mind set for perseverance.

To be resilient we have to take care of our basic needs: food, shelter, general health and mental health.

For your general health and well being maintain regular contact with your physician, dentist and allied health care providers and for your mental health the following resources offer information.

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides a range of resources to help you stay mentally fit and healthy, including the following:

Wellness Together Canada also connects Canadians to peer support workers, social workers, psychologists and other professionals for confidential chat sessions or phone calls, and will make it easier to find credible information and help address mental health and substance use issues.

If you are a stress induced bruxer, i.e. a grinder and a clencher, contact us about our stress management help.

Surviving with style first and foremost is a mental strategy for which innate and external resources are needed.

Be well and stay healthy!