Laser Dentistry at Dentistry870

The Future of dentistry has arrived at our Hamilton Dentist Clinic

Lasers have been used in medical treatments from eye surgery to cosmetic procedures.

Now, laser technology allows your dentist to work quicker, with increased precision, while offering you the ultimate in comfort.


Using a precise beam of high intensity light, lasers can often eliminate the need for needles and drilling. As a result, dental procedures may be significantly quicker and more comfortable, such that discomfort after treatment and healing times are greatly reduced.


When using a laser, we can perform multiple procedures in one sitting, so follow-up appointments and time-consuming referrals are often not needed.


Lasers are precise and versatile instruments. In most cases, the laser can effectively replace the drill and other dental instruments for a variety of procedures, including:

  • Fillings (silver amalgam fillings must still be removed conventionally),
  • Tartar removal – above and below the gum line,
  • Cavity preparations,
  • General soft tissue procedures, including smile reshaping,
  • Cold sores, canker sores.