Remembrance Day



 Mindig igy volt e világi élet,                                                  Worldly life has always been thus,           
  Egyszer fázott, másszor lánggal égett;                               Once cold; aflame the next… *      

                                                                                                                  Vörösmarty Mihály “The Old Gypsy” 1854
The Great War started 101 years past; The Second World War 76 years ago.

We have been bereft of peace for more than a century. Rarely, in human history, has there been global calm of significance.

The First War was the war to end all wars, yet….the World is aflame, as the poem’s couplet laments.

Thus, we Remember.

We Remember that our relative oasis of tranquility was hard won, dearly bought and is not without substantial cost to maintain.

Remembrance is not a choice. It is an obligation. It is a responsibility.  It is the least that we can offer.

Remembrance engenders contemplation. Contemplation should compel us to evolve beyond stoking the flames of conflict and chaos  . Perhaps we may yet have a life in a temperate world.

Lest we forget.


                                                                                                            * Author’s translation


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